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Composite index of tokens supporting the ISO 20022 standard

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What the index is built on?

So why we have choose such tokens for our index?
It was simply and logical decision based on our research and practical experience in financial markets and sectors of real economy. We have been looking for detailed information after BIS (The Bank of International Settlements) report to the G20 from date of July 2021
There is the 6 projects are being considering for the implementation and further use of CBDC, according to the report.
In order to achieve the potential benefits for public welfare while preserving financial stability,
further exploration on CBDC design choices and their macro-financial implications is essential. Various important and complex questions are still to be further analysed, for instance as regards the
interoperability between existing and new infrastructures, the access to and control of central bank money, the distinction between wholesale and retail CBDC, the role of private industry actors, and many others.
Projects for cross-border CBDC arrangements

Project Inthanon-Lion Rock (on the 3d phase and merged with mBridge: https://www.bis.org/about/bisih/topics/cbdc/mcbdc_bridge.htm)

Project Jasper-Ubin

Project mCBDC Bridge

Project Helvetia 

Project Jura

Project Dunbar

Project Aber

(Watch from 41:50 minute)

The New Financial System

RBA CBDC Pilot Project

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